se rendre à la paix

by Melanie Moser

surrender to peace

as i moved more deeply into living this awakening, i came to understand that much of what we are attempting to reconcile in a spiritual practice can be better experienced through the creation of artistic expression.   here, the ineffable contact with the Divine finds its way into play of form.

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se rendre à la paix

En m'approchant plus profondément de cet éveil, j'ai compris qu'une grande partie de ce que nous essayons de réconcilier dans une pratique spirituelle peut être mieux vécue par la création d'une expression artistique. ici, le contact ineffable avec le Divin entre en jeu dans la forme.

It is simply enough to play — for the next while, I will be exploring a practice of listening, writing and creating in reflection of the deep and beautiful tradition of Hindustani Raga. (For more on raga, you can look here.) I assume this to be a life-long practice that will take me just far enough into the catalogs of this music to become a beginner. Even so, I am very excited to be embarking on this study and to have it permeate my mind and body. Below my reflections on this practice as I am receiving. Thank you!